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Get Better Gas Mileage in a Diesel Truck

Diesel engines are powerful and, just like compact vehicles, require proper maintenance to ensure the longevity of parts and vehicle lifespan. Diesel-powered trucks are used for various purposes, from pickup to delivery, the diesel truck is always on the go. Gas prices have reached some of the highest peaks in price lately, and it is best for fleet owners and truckers to practice the best ways to get the most fuel economy out of a diesel truck. Read on for a list of best practices to ensure better gas mileage in a diesel-powered truck. 

Ways to Improve Diesel Gas Mileage

Cut the Engine Off

Running the engine more than necessary, whether to warm it up or when taking a break, the engine preserves more fuel when it is not running. Most people believe that because the truck isn't riding down the road, there is not much gas going to waste, but that is not the case. Fuel burns up quite quickly during unnecessary running. 

Don't Rev the Engine

It is pivotal to transition into gears as smoothly as possible rather than quickly to avoid burning diesel fuel quickly. Truck drivers should consider this when on the road to avoid decreasing gas mileage and increasing the need to stop more often to fill up.

Only Use the A/C When It's Necessary

The air conditioning in a diesel truck burns up gas, so it is recommended that truck drivers only use the air conditioning when it is absolutely necessary.

Anticipate the Traffic Lights

Coming to a complete stop in a diesel truck requires a lot of power to get it rolling again, which in turn burns up more gas. Professional support anticipating traffic lights and rolling slowly when approaching them to avoid stopping completely when it is possible and safe to do so.

Maintain a Good Following Distance

When a diesel truck is further away from the vehicle in front of it, the truck uses less fuel because the driver doesn't have to stop often or suddenly if there is traffic up ahead. This gives the driver control of speed and decreases the amount of gas that is burned up unnecessarily.

Practice Driving Slowly on the Highway

Diesel truck engines require a lot of power to get up and going and driving rapidly on the highway can require it to work even more. Driving a diesel truck over 55 mph burns up gas more than an average speed of 50 mph, and it is done so quickly. Diesel truck experts highly recommend driving trucks slower to increase gas mileage. 

Utilize the Cruise Control Feature

Cruise control in most vehicles contributes to better gas mileage because the vehicle maintains a constant speed. Speeding up and slowing down often decreases gas mileage because it requires more work from the vehicle's engine. Diesel trucks work the same way. Truck drivers should use the cruise control feature as often as possible to maintain consistent speeds instead of fluctuating speeds. The use of cruise control in a diesel truck can be most useful when driving during the night when there is less traffic. 

How to Get Better Gas Mileage

Some of the best ways to get better gas mileage in a diesel truck are simple and require the use of maintenance. One of the most important ways to get better gas mileage is through the practice of regular full-service oil changes. Full-service oil changes can include cleaning the engine compartments by flushing old, dirty oil and replacing the air filter for better air quality. The air filter should be replaced as often as necessary to avoid dirt and contaminants from reaching the engine, potentially clogging it, and making the vehicle more susceptible to engine failure and breakdowns. Diesel truck experts recommend having oil changes done every 3,000 miles or depending on how much the truck is driven. When oil changes and fluid maintenance are a priority, it allows the driver to get the most out of their diesel truck and eliminates the possibility of unwanted downtime due to mechanical issues from lack of care. The use of premium synthetic oil is often recommended for diesel engines from top-of-the-line brands to ensure superior oil lubricates the diesel engine and its parts. It is most known by diesel truck professionals that premium synthetic engine oil flows better and remains clean longer.

Select the Right Tires

Another recommended maintenance tip to get better gas mileage from a diesel truck is selecting the appropriate tires. It may seem irrelevant, but proper tires can make all the difference in gas mileage. Tires should be selected depending on the load capacity and speed capability. It is crucial never to place oversized tires on a diesel truck since large tires are heavier and require more labor from the engine. Having a team of professional diesel truck specialists inspect the vehicle for the best tire solutions will help to maintain decent gas mileage in a diesel truck. Routine maintenance service and driving the diesel truck strategically can help support the effort of better gas mileage.